An extended break from painting enabled Andrew to complete an epic journey in text, a journey that has taken a number of years to complete. A work of fiction that so far spans two books.

Emergence and Alliance are now available on Amazon as an eBook and paperback.

Painting: Still being inspired by trips to RHS Wisley. Frequenting car events, Brooklands Museum, The Ace Cafe and his local Mustang Garage for his next painting.

Sculpture: Having just completed a lengthy project, Andrew is looking for inspiration for his next piece of work.

Work: Andrew's love of art led him into his current work and although this has evolved over the years, a moments reflection is all it takes to remind him why he chose this path.

In 1997 Andrew decided to try some voluntary work at a local day centre for adults with learning disabilities and went on to facilitate pottery and carpentry sessions. Being surrounded by such creative individuals was truly inspirational.

In 2001 looking for a new challenge, Andrew changed jobs to work for a private housing association. This housing association was a little bit different from the average, as it offered lots of community-based opportunities to adults with learning disabilities. Andrew's role was to develop these opportunities and to encourage people to try something new.

Collaborating with artists and professionals, with a strong focus on integration that has led to work and exhibitions with local galleries. The most prominent and rewarding experience has been working with The Stanley Picker Gallery in Kingston.

Projects have included -

Shop Talk / Exhibition by Welmede Collective 19-25 November 2015.
Inspired by Dora Gordine.

Chaos at the Corner shop: Stop Motion Animation by the Welmede Collective March 2016.
With animator Lauren Veevers.